Hack Issues: Week of 4/29/15 – Puppet Master, Big Trouble in Little China, Outcast, Hellbreak


This week is another mixed bag at the local comic shop. These five week ship months always tend to go this way, with week five not seeing much to be excited about. To be perfectly honest, the two things I’m most looking forward to this week are the new Previews, and the final part of Endgame in Batman #40. I tell ya, whether you like superhero comics or not, whenever Joker shows up in Batman, it’s worth reading. Endgame has been insane. Anyway, we’re here to talk about horror comics, and specifically this week, our spotlight falls on a horror comic that’s based on a horror movie franchise from Charles Band. That’s right kids, Full Moon has thrown their hat in the comic book ring, coming out swinging first with a series based on what is arguably their most popular franchise, Puppet Master.


Courtesy of Action Labs comics as a part of their Danger Zone imprint of mature readers titles, Puppet Master is a series that attempts to return to the former glory of the film franchise. A group of teenagers has set out for a weekend of partying, drinking, and doing what teenagers do at the abandoned Bodega Bay Inn. Of course not long after they break in, they find out in brutal fashion that the legends of the haunted hotel are all too true, as Toulon’s maniacal marionette’s begin offing them one by one. It’s admittedly a tad light on plot, but that’s part of the charm of a property like The Puppet Master. The comic, like the movie won’t be for everybody, but for fans of the franchise, the comic has so far been a treat.


The creative team behind the comic, writer Shawn Gabborin and artist Michela Da Sacco, are both unknown to me. Aside from Zombie Tramp, I’ve not had much exposure to Action Labs comics, which is where the two seem to have done most of their professional work. That said, I can’t speak to their previous stuff, but I can say that so far I’m enjoying what they’re doing in Puppet Master. The story is written with the pace of a horror movie in mind, with most of the normal cliches fully in tact. The art is typical of what you get from indie comics, nothing too flashy but it’s solid and fits the tone of the book. The most exciting part of it is that it seems that Gabborin and Da Sacco have free reign of which puppets they want to use, and the gang is all here. Blade, Torch, Tunneler, Pinhead, Decapitron, Six Shooter, and all of your other favorites all together, ready to wreak havoc. For Puppet Master fans, that alone should be enough to warrant a purchase.


Other highlights from this week include a new issue of Robert Kirkman’s Outcast, the second issue of Cullen Bunn’s new Oni series Hellbreak, and issue 10 of Boom! Studios’ Big Trouble in Little China series.


Also out this Week:


Bonus! Before the first issue of Puppet Master was released, Full Moon did an art contest, asking fans to submit original art of their favorite puppets from the movies, Friend of Horror Sexy, and all around badass artist Steve Doust was chosen as one of the winners, and you can still order a copy of his Blade variant to Puppet Master #1 at Full Moon Direct.

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