Hack Issues: Week Of 4/8/15 Re-Animator #1, Robocop #10


I’ve known a week like this was coming since I started writing Hack Issues. A week that there isn’t really a standout comic to use for a highlight issue that I haven’t already talked about before. I try and not keep going back to the same book over and over, as for instance you already know all you really need to know to make your decision as to whether you pick up The Walking Dead this week. There are still some solid books coming out though, Abe Sapien has been good but now isn’t really a great jumping on point if you haven’t already been reading, Nameless from Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham started a little slow but issue #2 really kicked my ass, I’ll be talking about it more soon if the momentum carries into issue 3 (Apollo 13 meets Event Horizon!), and there’s a new Re-Animator series which has a sick Jae Lee cover but the regular creative team are unknowns to me, and licensed comics are really hit or miss.


When licensed comics do hit though, they can be a lot of fun. Case in point, this week’s Robocop #10 from Boom! Studios. It might not be a strictly horror related comic, but I have a feeling Murphy has at least a tiny spot in all of our black hearts. Robo’s had a bit of an up and down run in the world of comics, for every Frank Miller’s Robocop, there’s a Dynamite Comics Robocop series. Since Boom! took over the property last year though, they’ve really done a great job of capturing what makes the first movie so special, satirical commentary on society, balls out action, and gloriously over the top violence. You’ll find all of that in this comic.



The story takes place after the first two movies, and ignores everything after, going in it’s own direction within the established universe. Writer Joshua Williamson (Nailbiter) has got to be a fan of Paul Verhoeven’s because this comic feels exactly like it could actually be a true Robocop 3. The original artist on the book was Carlos Magno, whose work I wasn’t familiar with but immediately loved. He has a very detailed style, and when Robocop puches a scumbag so hard his eye pops out, you almost feel it. The past couple of issues have seen a change in artist to Alejandro Aragon, another unknown to me, and while it is by no means bad, it’s definitely different. I haven’t seen any sort of official announcement, so I’m not sure if this is a permanent change or not.


The solicit from the Boom! Studios website:


Killian has revealed OCP’s omnipresent surveillance system, and now the people of Detroit want to bring down ‘big brother’ and RoboCop. Anne Lewis and RoboCop need to find a new way to stop Killian, but it may lead to an even darker secret inside OCP.


Also out this Week:

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