Hack Issues: Week of 5/13/15



Bummed that Wolf Moon is over, eh? Me too, friend. That ending though?! Man that left me wanting more. Unfortunately, according to a tweet from the weekend, there are no plans as of right now to continue the Wolf Moon story, but that doesn’t mean all is lost. Cullen Bunn is still out there writing amazing comics, some horror, some not, and this week, hot on the heels of the final issue of Wolf Moon is the first issue of his new Dark Horse Comics series Harrow County. It tops the reading pile in a week with several other noteworthy releases.




Harrow County is the story of Emmy, a teenage girl raised on a farm by her father, mostly disconnected from the rest of the world. To most of us, tales of the supernatural are just that, tales. To Emmy and her father though, they are all too real. When the other residents of Harrow County begin to believe that Emmy is more connected to these dark forces than she’d originally thought, she ends up on the run for her life.


When researching the book for Hack Issues, I found out that it began as a serialized novel Bunn was writing online but never finished, named “Countless Haints”.. When he and artist Tyler Crook began thinking about what they wanted to collaborate on, they were tossing ideas back and forth, and both decided on Countless Haints. A few reworks later, and the online novel became Harrow County.


Since Hack Issues began, I’ve talked and talked about Cullen Bunn to the point that I’m sure if you’ve been with me for the duration, you’re more than tired. Basically, I worship at the altar of Cullen Bunn. I also happen to be a fan of artist Tyler Crook, whose work I was first exposed to on a series titled Colder that he did with writer Paul Tobin. It was a twisted little series that I ended up absolutely loving. I came across a time lapse video of him doing some pencils on Harrow County which is an amazing thing to watch if you’re into that sort of thing (like me).



Other notables this week include new issues of Zombies v Robots, The Walking Dead, and issue #3 of the new Puppet Master comic, as well as the second issue of Dynamite’s new Re-Animator series. Also, my personal favorite writer of all time Warren Ellis (The Authority, Transmetropolitan, Global Frequency, Fell) has a brand new ongoing Image Comics title called Injection, which I would’ve made the co-spotlight comic but I’m not exactly sure just how much of it’s going to be “horror”.


Also out this Week:


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