Hack Issues: Week of 5/20/15 – Wytches


If it weren’t for Dark Horse Comics this week, there wouldn’t be a big selection of horror comics to choose from on the racks. Dark Horse has always been a sort of indie company but not really an indie company all these years, and they’ve stood the test of time when so many others have come and gone. Dark Horse has always used that age old moniker of quality over quantity with their titles, and personally I think that’s exactly why they’ve maintained their foothold in an industry that’s been largely dominated by the “Big Two” of Marvel and DC for decades.


After reading all that, the logical assumption would be that I’ve chosen a Dark Horse book as this week’s spotlight, but alas that is not the case. Yes, I’m excited to get my hands on my DH books, but it’s an Image title that feels like it should be a Dark Horse comic that gets the nod. Scott Snyder and Jock wrap up their first Wytches series with issue six this week, and I’m absolutely sad that the ride is (temporarily) over.




Wytches has been a dark, brooding, and at times skin crawlingly creepy descent into the mythology of witches. The tone of the comic is dark in every sense of the word, with Snyder’s horrifying scripts being brought brually to life by artist Jock, who’s work is puropsely jagged edges, and almost pitch black, beautifully painted panels. There are times when it feels as if a Wytch is literally going to crawl off the page and claw at you with her elongated, icy cold fingers.


I’m not sure exactly when more Wytches will be coming, or what sort of format future entries will consist of. Will we see a continuation of the Rook family’s story, or will the focus shift to a different set of characters? I guess at this point on Scotty Snyder and Jock know for sure. What I do know is that I’ll be all over it whenever the next part is solicited, and I’ll of course be talking about it here.


Synopsis for Wytches issue #6 from the Image Comics website:


As Charlie struggles to save Sailor from the wytches’ grasp, the monsters’ true hold over the Rook family is revealed in this, the harrowing ending to the series’ first arc!


As for those Dark Horse books I mentioned, this week gives us Archie vs Predator #2, a new issue of Goon in Once Upon a Hard Time #3, The Strain comic rolls on in The Night Eternal #9, amongst others. Also, Fury Road fans take note, a tie-in comic from DC/Vertigo giving us a glimpse into the origin of Immortan Joe is shipping, adding a little extra exposition to the new Mad Max movie.


Also out this Week:

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