Hit The Switches With Grand Theft Auto V Online’s New Lowriders DLC


Since it launched in September of 2013, I have been a little obsessed with the online component of Grand Theft Auto 5, referred to as GTA Online. There are certain things I have felt online multiplayer games have been missing over the years, and the multiplayer portion of GTA V seems to have captured all of those things, or at least enough of them to impress the hell out of me. One problem with multiplayer is, regardless as to how “good” a game is, it’s going to get stale at some point. Rockstar has done a fantastic job at providing game-changing DLC content, especially since the launch of the game on new-gen consoles. And the best part of it all? All of GTA V’s DLC content has been totally free. I realize of course, that the reason they are able to provide free DLC content, is because of the in-game microtransactions, however, it is totally optional, spending real money for in-game money. If you want to earn money to spend on things like huge houses with 10 car garages, pimping out as many cars as you can fit in your various properties, guns, gear, haircuts, tattoos, tanks, helicopters, jets, etc, etc. it is very easy to do a few in-game missions and earn plenty of cash to play around with. I personally find that to be a fair trade, if it means that Rockstar is going to continue to support this game, post-launch, with so much additional content.





Previous updates/DLC have included things like new cars, new mission types, new customization items, and one big DLC added “Heists.” Heists was a part of the single player campaign that initially wasn’t included in the multiplayer experience. People waited for a very long time for this to happen, but eventually it did, and it was glorious, and again, free. It honestly redefined the multiplayer experience, of what I would already consider to be the most vast multiplayer game I have ever played. And now they have done it again, with the Lowriders DLC. Lowriders adds several new vehicles, but it also adds a brand new customs shop, where you can totally customize your new vehicles, including shifter knobs, interior gauge designs, steering wheels, engine design, trunk design, but most importantly, working hydraulics. You have several different packages to choose from, but you should probably just spend the cash and get the most expensive one. And yes, you can three-wheel it, you can make it jump, front to back, back to front, side to side, whatever you wish to do. And it’s really addictive, and kind of hilarious. But also, like heists, this DLC adds a new type of in-game missions, where you take on warring lowrider gangs to establish supremacy.

For a two year old game to still be receiving this kind of attention from its developer is rare. And I have a feeling it’s only going to get better. I don’t know when Grand Theft Auto 6 will be released, if it will even happen during this generation of console. But even if it doesn’t happen during this generation of console gaming, I will still be satisfied with GTA V as long as Rockstar continue to support it the way that they have, and continue to add new, game-changing features such as this. I made a short video showing off one of the new cars, and a little bit of what you can do with your car’s hydraulics system. If you would like to play GTA V with the HorrorSexy crew, feel free to add BrainsAreYum to your PSN friends list. Happy hopping!

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