Holiday Hangover Giveaway

Holiday Hangover

I know. I know. I know. You didn’t win the HorrorSexy Yuletide Giveaway (except for one of you). You feel sad. We feel sad for you. We want you to have a better start to 2015 and the best way to do that… ANOTHER GIVEAWAY. While there will be many giveaways in 2015, this one comes on the hind quarters of a pretty impressive splatter of shit (not to toot our own horn). This is much smaller, but nonetheless it has some limited edition items that are essential for your horror collection.

How to enter:

First off, if you entered the HorrorSexy Yuletide Giveaway then you are already entered in this giveaway and you do not need to repeat the entries below. You can send us your favorites for number 5 and provocative pictures (these are the jokes here people).

There are multiple ways to get in on this New Years prize pack (that you will received wrapped with a bow).

  1. Like the HorrorSexyFacebook page –
  2. Follow HorrorSexyon Twitter  @DrHorrorSexy(formerly DrJimmyTerror)
  3. Share thisgiveaway(this is a link to our giveaway page with updates) on your favorite social media platform. –
  4. Share article, any page)  (Honor System. Max of 5 but let me know that you did. Make it something you love)
  5. Send  an email, telling us what your favorite horror moment of 2014 was or what you are looking forward to in 2015.

You can do one of the above or all. We will even include chances throughout the next 25 days for you to earn extra entries.YOU MUST email me your entry HERE ( with the subject line Holiday Hangover. Entries must be received by midnight EST on New Years Eve. The is an international giveaway! . You can either send me one entry listing all your chances to win or you can piecemeal them to us. We’ll keep track.

Here’s what you can win:

blob and nekromantik


The Blob Blu-ray from Twilight Time limited to 5000

Nekromantik Blu-ray from Cult Epics, also limited

Good luck, sexies!

(Oh and yeah… we’ll be doing the Yuletide thing next year so don’t fret).

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