Horror Short of the Month: Mutant Monks from Outer Space (2012)

mutant-monks-poster-finalI want you to sit right down and suspend you disbelief for a second. Take a chance for about 14 minutes on a short Sci-Fi horror film called Mutant Monks from Outer Space. Wesley Skelly was gracious enough to let me check it out, and it truly embodies everything I love about horror fiction. There’s face melting (a tribute to Troll 2 per Skelly), raunchy alien monk sex, betrayal and even… the miracle of life. It actually crams quite a bit into such a short run time. Even though you couldn’t possibly have characters fully developed or explained, their stereotypes are very clear and provide enough body to make you feel like you watched a full length feature. 

While there are comedic moments that may be a bit cliche or overdone, the intentional homage to some of the great alien horror cheese of the 80’s is not lost on this writer and appreciated.  The best example of this perfect cheese is the exquisite and retro-appropriate synth music. I’m a sucker for this shit, and could easily gush over it all night. It’s the kind of thing I listen to while I’m writing or while eating Twinkies by computer screen light. Skelly composed it himself, and it shows a true understanding of the genre to which this filmmakers pay their tribute.

Mutant Monks from Outer Space is shot and edited to appeal to the grindhouse audience with plenty of dust, scratches and an ever familiar and appropriate missing reel. While many try to emulate this style, Mutant Monks from Outer Space gets it right. It does not feel over digitized or produced.

Please make sure to check out the full short film below, but Skelly and co. shot us links to their trailers (for domestic and Asian markets) as well as a music video! All entertaining! My favorite suggestion is to run it as a double bill with your own personal alien fucker of a movie. Xtro would be my choice.

Full Length movie:

Domestic Grindhouse Trailer:

Asian Market Trailer:

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE THEME SONG! Performed by Rusty Apper!


From Wes Casey Productions and Great Scott Films:

Beware: Wesley Skelly and Harry Bartholomew, the masterminds behind “Footsteps” and “Nostalgia” are back with MUTANT MONKS FROM OUTER SPACE (2012) is a brilliant new independent horror / sci-fi / sex-comedy short film about Mutant Monks from space (er, Outer Space) who descend upon our fair planet, looking to re-populate their dying species.

It features secret agents, hapless victims and raunchy sex, to tell a tale of cat and mouse between Bret Pouter (Tristan Casey) the courages Agent 77 and the Mutant Monks (George Bartholomew and Wesley Skelly).

Made in the style of genre classics such as “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” (1988), “Earth Girls are Easy” (1988) and “Weird Science” (1985) with a 1980’s low budget aesthetic and a tongue-in-cheek sensibility, much like the smash double bill “Grindhouse” (2007). The film itself started life as a faux trailer much line the SXSW show contest that spawned Hobo with a Shotgun (2011) but the idea grew beyond the trailers limits and into a full-fledged short film!

Co written and co-directed by Harry Bartholomew and Wesley Skelly and filmed for next to nothing by Wes Casey Productions and Great Scott Films in Portsmouth, United Kingdom it’s the perfect Saturday night beer and pizza film for any genre fan. Watch it as a double bill with any classic schlock Sci Fi film.


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