HorrorSexy Podcast Episode 18: Civil War


What do you know, another new episode! James and Shawn are back, and they’re on a mission. They’re taking to task the new Captain America film, Civil War. Did they love it, did they hate it, is it somewhere in between? This is your warning that this discussion contains a great deal of spoilers for Captain America: Civil War.

Also up for discussion is a list that recently appeared on Dread Central titled “13 Horror Comics and Graphic Novels You Need to be Reading in 2016.” In spite of the fact that this list contains mostly comics that were released prior to 2016, as well as omitting some important books, James decided to take on the first 3 issues of most of the comic books from the list.

And of course, there will be discussion of physical media. What new purchases have the guys made? Vinyl, Blu-ray, and even video games will be discussed. Stay tuned for the next great episode, coming very soon.

Much thanks to Karissa for her SEXpert vocalization used in the HorrorSexy introduction and Videogram aka Magnus Sellergren for the use of the track “Regina dei Cannibali End Titles” off his first release entitled Videogram.

You can purchase the full release of Videogram here:

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Opening track credits: B.E.R. – The Night Begins To Shine featured on Teen Titans Go!

Break track credits: Clutch – Animal Farm

Closing track credits: El Creepo! – Slip the Noose

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