HorrorSexy Podcast: Episode 7 – Maxed Out on Mad Max


We had a bit of a break there, didn’t we? James and his wife welcomed their new baby, which put the podcast on hiatus until he could carve some time out to sit down and talk with us. This week, it’s all Mad Max, all of the time. We talk Mad Max, The Road Warrior, Beyond Thunderdome, and finally, Fury Road.

We know that most of you have already seen these movies, other than Fury Road, a dozen times, so we keep the history lesson to a minimum, and focus mostly on our personal reaction to each film, and the fact that James is the only person we’ve ever met who likes Beyond Thunderdome more than The Road Warrior.




Also briefly addressed, is the annoyance that comes with people trying to attach isms to films, while missing the bigger picture.

Hopefully now that James settles into a routine, we’ll be back on schedule to start recording on Tuesdays, and released on Wednesdays moving forward.



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