HorrorSexy Podcast – Episode Two ‘Physical Media Lives!’


The HorrorSexy Podcast is back, with our second episode. This hour and twenty minutes is fully dedicated to Physical Media, and why we think it’s alive and kicking now, more than ever. We start things off with a long discussion about Vinyl, segue into comic books, Blu-ray & DVD, and even discuss a recent controversy where Simpsons Showrunner Al Jean revealed that there would be no further physical releases of seasons of the show, at least not until the end, with a “complete collection.” There is a lot information within this hour, with much more to come. You can stream the episode below, or you can visit our Soundcloud page here, and check out some of our playlists spotlighting indie musicians. Or if you prefer to manually add the file to whichever preferred listening device, you can download the .mp3 directly from our Soundcloud page.

Episode Three will be up very soon. I also wanted to take a moment to thank those of you that listened to our first episode for the feedback. It turned out to be a more serious discussion than we wanted, and some of you disagreed with the way that we handled it. For those of you that feel that way, we hear you. For those of you with the context you need to understand our position, thanks for publicly supporting us. It means a lot. Thankfully, this episode is pure physical media porn. So enjoy. As always, stay Sexy!

In Episode 2, Shawn Savage and James Harris discuss physical media and the ways in which it is alive and well. They discuss the recent rise in vinyl sales focusing in on a few key participants in that resurgence as well as boutique DVD/Blu-ray labels and recent trends in horror comics. Look for a discussion of Death Waltz, Mondo, One Way Static, Waxworks, Ship to Shore, Image, Afterlife with Archie, Dark Horse Grindhouse, Grindhouse Releasing, Scream Factory, Troma, 88 Films and much more.

Much thanks to Karissa for her SEXpert vocalization used in the HorrorSexy introduction and Videogram aka Magnus Sellergren for the use of the track “Regina dei Cannibali End Titles” off his first release entitled Videogram.

You can purchase the full release of Videogram here:

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