Jess Franco on Weng’s Chop #7



The Incredible Cinema Megazine is back!!! The long-awaited issue #7 of WENG’S CHOP is here, and full of sublimely cinematic succulence! Join the maniacal miscreants as we dish out heapin’ helpings of exploitation, horror, arthouse, action, and every other weird and wonderful thing we can cram into 180 pages! THIS ISSUE FEATURES: Hammer Vampire Babes, a scholarly comparison of RASHOMON and THE OUTRAGE, a newly-unearthed Jess Franco interview, Grindhouse Nights at the New Beverly, movies paired up with delicious beers, extensive coverage of the 2014 Telluride Horror Show festival, Oliver Reed snake films, thrift shopping adventures, carnival- and circus-themed horrors, Read the Sexy

From:: Jess Franco on Weng’s Chop #7

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