Kickstarter Alert: The Bad Man – From The Creative Team Behind Found / Headless


One movie that shocked fans of indie horror, on more than one level, was Found, directed by Scott Schirmer. In addition to featuring some absolutely haunting visuals, and a shocking ending that rivals the final moment reveal of the original Sleepaway camp, Found was a better movie than most felt it even had a right to be. The production values were there, the technical know-how was there, and the acting was far better than what we normally receive from movies of a similar caliber. And even more shocking was the fact that the follow-up film, the “movie within a movie” featured within Found, Headless, was an even better effort, and really put this team on the indie horror map for a lot of people. That same team has a new kickstarter, for another indie horror film titled The Bad Man, and starring Ellie Church(yum) among others. The basic gist of the story, is that a couple is kidnapped to be sold into sexual slavery. With this team, I’m already sold, and will definitely be contributing to the campaign. I’ll shell out money for anything these guys decide to do in the future, and I’m glad to see that another film is already in the works. Check the Kickstarter campaign for contribution and perk details, and watch the short video pitch below, and check out the Forbidden Films website for more information about Found,  Headless, and all upcoming projects.

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