Monster! #15



Authored by Tim Paxton, Steve Fenton
Illustrated by Stephen R. Bissette
Contributions by Stephen R. Bissette, Daniel Best, John Harrison, Brian Harris, Troy Howarth, Eric Messina, Adam Parker-Edmondston, Richard Glenn Schmidt, Christos Mouroukis, Bill Adcock, Dawn Dabell, José Cruz
Volume editor Tony Strauss

Beginning with Steve Bissette’s heartfelt homage to the recently-late Ib Melchior (as well as REPTILICUS!), Mr. Bissette also contributes “I Sing the Body Prohaska”, his fact-packed personal reminiscences about those prolific 1960s monster men, the Prohaskas (Janos and his son Robert), who played assorted scary beasties on such TV shows as THE OUTER LIMITS and STAR TREK.
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From:: Monster! #15

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