Monster! #16



Although nothing else in the issue directly pertains to Lucio Fulci, Troy Howarth kicks off MONSTER! #16 by singing said late director’s praises in his “Fulciriffic” guest editorial (elsewhere in the issue, Troy also contributes Pt. 1 of his two-part article entitled “My Favorite Lycanthropes”, covering his fave cinematic werewolves). Our feature reviews spotlight the unsung Mexi-monster classic AVENTURA AL CENTRO DE LA TIERRA and Michael Mann’s elusive cult favorite THE KEEP, which has yet to surface on either Blu-ray or DVD. Reviewed elsewhere are MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT (2014), SHE DEVIL (1957), WIZARDS OF THE LOST KINGDOM (1985), DON’T BE Read the Sexy

From:: Monster! #16

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