Netflix June Update – You’re eating maggots, how do they taste!?



Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001) – When rich teens Tenoch and Julio meet the alluring, older Luisa, they try to impress her with stories of a road trip, then convince her to join them.




Asmodexia (2014) – As a sinister spirit begins taking over the souls of the people of Barcelona, an exorcist and his granddaughter try valiantly to cure the afflicted.




The Lost Boys: Special Edition (1987) – After his brother drinks blood and gets mixed up with a gang rumored to be a coven of vampires, Sam and his friends try to rid the town of evil.

*When I was ten, I took a picture of Kiefer Sutherland from this movie to my barber and said “Do this to me.” The Lost Boys is the reason I ever decided to wear a mullet.




Mortal Kombat: The Movie (1995) – To save the planet, a team of handpicked noble fighters faces down the minions of an evil emperor in a deadly, fantastical combat tournament.




Killers (2014) – A serial killer and a journalist turned vigilante who post videos of their violent murders online find themselves engaged in a chilling competition.




Kidnapping Mr. Heineken (2014) – When beer magnate Alfred “Freddy” Heineken is kidnapped in 1983, his abductors make the largest ransom demand in history.


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Primer (2004) – Written, directed, and starring Shane Carruth, this low-budget sci-fi thriller centers on a pair of engineers who accidentally create a time machine.


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Bad Asses On The Bayou (2015) – Pals Frank and Bernie travel to Louisiana for a wedding, but when the bride is kidnapped, her father joins the guys in a kick-ass pursuit of justice.



Here’s the June 1st update, in case you missed it!


– Eric



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