New Illustrated Art for MORBID, DVD Coming Soon From Wild Eye Releasing

Not too long ago we were fawning over the potential release of a budding cult classic release that is coming at you straight from the independent horrorverse courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing and filmmaker Chuck Conry. Some new developments have come to light starting with an exclusive look at the new illustrated artwork from Wild Eye Releasing. It’s got it all; from masked killers with implements of destruction to nudie cuties and bikini babes. Nothing says “watch me” like a poster that comes off like an amalgamation of Martino’s Toros, Juan Piquer Simón’s Pieces and The Collector. Horror art was exciting in the 80’s, and it is again. The freelance artist who created this lusty piece of death is Devon Whitehead. Whitehead does truly fun, horrific covers and has worked on Hi-8, Caeser and Otto’s Deadly Xmas and Zombie with a Shotgun as well as the upcoming LP cover from Lunaris Records for NIGHT OF THE DEMONS!

Morbid will be making it’s DVD debut on July 21st of this year. Advanced screenings have suggested that this mega-micro budget flick is a fun romp into goreland with our very own Mitch Reeves giving it solid reviews and Rue Morgue singing it’s praises (see kiddies, big name horror publications get it right sometimes). In the meantime you can also keep your eyes open for news of director Conry’s new project, The Ballad of the Worms which is going to involve ninjas and cults. Also in Morbid related news, star Ryan Groom is working in association with Grundy Nation Films to produce his debut film, Whistling Jack.

morbid wild eye releasing

Synopsis from Wild Eye Releasing:

In this low budget 80s slasher homage, a small Tennessee town becomes the playground to a sadistic, masked killer. But with the town’s sheriff and locals more worried about the big high school football game than getting to the bottom of the murders, a detective from out of town must rush to save the lives of a group of teens throwing a party in the middle of all the mayhem.

Make sure to scope out the trailer now and keep YOUR eyes on the Wild Eye for more details.

You can follow Wild Eye on Facebook or simply stop by their website to keep updated on this and other coming attractions.

Young.Tender.Sliced Thing.

Man am I hungry!

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