New to Netflix: [REC] 4, Jet Li, Extraterrestrial, and more!

Some new additions to the streaming world for your eyeballs to enjoy…or not enjoy!





[REC] 4: Apocalypse (2014) – In the final installment, TV reporter Ángela is rescued and taken to an offshore ship for quarantine, but she brings with her an unwelcome stowaway.

[MEHC] 4…definitely my least favorite in the series.




Fist of Legend (1994) – Before the outbreak of World War II, Japanese troops occupying Shanghai threaten the city’s most revered martial arts teacher.

Outside of the Once Upon A Time In China series, this is my favorite Jet Li movie. So much badassness.




The Enforcer (1995) – Leaving his young son behind in China, a secret agent slips undercover to pose as a member of a notorious gang in Hong Kong and bring down an infamous crime lord. But his mission is compromised when a female inspector unmasks his true identity.




Extraterrestrial (2014) – When their boozy party in the woods is crashed — literally — by a downed UFO, five teens fight back against the stranded, bloodthirsty aliens.

It has some mixed feedback (what doesn’t, anymore), but I enjoyed the hell out of this movie. There’s things I want to say, but they are fucking spoilery, so I won’t. WATCH IT.




Icetastrophe (2015) – When pieces of a meteorite strike the Earth and cause icy devastation, two lovers must recombine the fragments to prevent a global deep-freeze.

It’s SYFY. That’s all.

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