PARLIAMO GIALLO: Interview to Fabio Frizzi

parliamo giallo

Cari Lettori, this week is very special as we have our first guest for PARLIAMO GIALLO. His name is Fabio Frizzi one of the best, if not the best, of Italian musicians and not only talking about soundtracks. He composed many song for our favourite Lucio Fulci’s films and he is now touring wih his show FRIZZI 2 FULCI and preparing REWIND. He stopped by and told us all about it.


Can you tell us what FRIZZI 2 FULCI is?

FRIZZI 2 FULCI is my tribute to the director and friend Lucio Fulci, a project that was in my mind for a long time. I have worked a lot in the cinema with so many interesting people and I have learnt a lot from them. Working with Lucio was one of the strongest and most important experiences in my career. And it was important for me to tell in a show, through the music, this personal and professional journey.


How did the idea start?

Since the time I worked in the soundtracks for those films I realized there was a strong interest from many fans, mainly from countries far away. I remember receiving supporting letters from South America, United States and Canada. Also from several European countries as for example Spain and Germany. Then, when Internet arrived things were multiplied and I found that in the  whole world there were thousands of fans, cinema supporters, young directors and actors who loved Lucio Fulci’s world. And consequently they loved my music. FRIZZI 2 FULCI was born here, from the need of telling in one show, live, all these feelings.

Where have you played?

We have made lots of concerts since the beginning of the story that started two years ago. Several nights in Italy, mainly in film festivals. Then the real headquarter of the project was London, where the international premiere was held at Union Chapel on October 31 2013.


Where are the next concerts going to take place? Are you playing outside Italy?

There are so many possible future dates and venues in which we are working! Some of them here in Italy, other ones a little far away from here. The United States and Canada are the targets we want to cover, we are returning to UK for sure, and then we want to visit other countries from which we are receiving interest and love calls. Today, for example, I am heading to Brazil to host in Fantaspoa where there will also be a solo concert version of FRIZZI 2 FULCI alone with my band playing virtually.

I have seen there are some recordings of these concerts, where can we purchase or find them?

In London we recorded the Union Chapel concert and it was  made into an album that is available everywhere.


Apart from touring with the project you are also making REWIND that will be release soon, when?

Yes, FABIO FRIZZI – REWIND is another project I have been working on for long. It is an autobiographical recital where I tell, with the help of music and anecdotes, the story of my career. And not only this. The game consists in alternating my music and the one from my myths. Some tracks of my own works, soundtracks, singles… and also songs from my favourite composers as Bach or The Beatles. Summarizing, a kind of rewind in a tape made of my experiences and likings. The record will be released in the following days.

What do you think it is the most interesting thing of Fulci’s films? Why do you think people like them so much?

I do not have a favourite film among the ones by Lucio Fulci or the ones I composed the soundtrack for. Simply because, as I often say, parents love all their children equally. If I had to choose one I would probably say ZOMBI 2, the first film in which I experimented with a genre that was new for me: horror!

I think, people like Luci’s cinema because he did it right, he put his feelings in every genre and thing he adventured himself in.  The passion, the love for cinema art that Lucio had inside him can be seen. His greatest technique skill and the lack of resources and budget can also be seen. Maybe the most beautiful thing he did  was passing the baton, as he had been running the fist stage of a race.  Today many young people love cinema and they do  it thanks to the strength and passion Lucio communicated  to all of them.

Grazie tanti to Fabio Frizzi for taking his time to answer the questions! For you, lettori, we will see each other again next week! Ci vediamo!





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