Welcome to this new section called PARLIAMO GIALLO. Every week I will show you main Italian words related to this amazing genre so we can start talking in…. GIALLO LANGUAGE!

Let’s start today with the most important one: THE MURDERER!!!! Because no murderer no giallo!


If we want to point these people and, sometimes, supernatural specters, we must address them as assassino (man) or assassina (woman). In plural you must say assassini (men) and assassine (women).

For example: L’ assassino porta i guanti neri (The murderer is wearing black gloves)

There are other words we can use in order to name our main character: omicida and uccisore being the second one a kind of slayer.

Omicida means they have killed before, it is not their first time! So be careful when you use this word because you may be accusing someone  of more than one crime! Also in this case we can talk of an amuck or as Italians say: frenesia omicida –this sounds sooo good when we are watching a movie…- also we can say maniaco omicida, pluriomicida and mostro meaning homicidal maniac.

In case the murderer kills because someone paid him for it he is a sicario professionista. And if you heard the word carnefice, run for your life because you may be dealing with a slaughterer!!!

Next week we will have more words. As homework I suggest you try to use the words we have learnt today in your everyday conversations so you do not forget them. COMPULSORY tasks for next week: please, watch at least one giallo so you can put your listening skills into practice!

Ci vediamo la settimana prossima cari lettori!


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