Predator To Receive The NECA Video Game Figure Treatment. Do You Even Care?


Well, it’s that time again. NECA rolled out another retro video game inspired action figure, this time offering Predator 2 in Sega Genesis style packing. Ok ok. I get it. Retro sells, retro is good. And NECA is king of the toy game when it comes to video games, horror, cult movies and everything in between. But come on. It needs to end.

Look at it? There’s nothing that truly sets it apart from NECA’s previous Predator figures. Like…at all. And NECA’s good at giving their figures unique paint jobs and looks. But this looks more like a kindergartner flung mustard at a Predator figure and took a nap afterwards. Come on, NECA you’re better than this. Plus, that Predator 2 game kinda blew. Don’t make your figure follow that suit.


NECA’s 8-bit line started when the popular SDCC exclusive Jason in NES colors became overwhelming. And why not? It was a unique idea! New colors and a representation of Jason we’ve never seen before. Like ever. So naturally, they had to follow up with Freddy. Problem was the figure looked more like a Christmas ornament. Following suit we got a cool Robocop, a Predator, Rambo, Rocky from the Sega Master System and a Batman. While Robocop and Batman were pretty cool looking, the rest of the line were just so bland. While Jason was a smart move, the rest were just…uninspired. I get that Jason made bank, big time, but come on…let’s move on. As I said, NECA makes some amazing figures. Terrific pieces to put on your shelf and to display (or play with, if you’re Shawn Savage) and personally I want them to get back to doing just that. These figures are just sloppy repaints that have no heart in them. Yes, the packaging is cool. Yes, the throwbacks are neat every once in a while, but when you’re throwing out 4 or 5 a year, it’s no longer special. NECA once offered a glow in the dark Robocop figure reminiscent of his Ultra Police line from Kenner in the late 80s and it was miserable. It just sat on shelves for a year or two. It wasn’t that impressive. Obviously. But once Jason rolled out…


I would love nothing more than NECA to just pound out some more new figures. Victims, playsets, new licenses, whatever. All year round, not just for SDCC. But, come on. I’m sure you’re making money on these, but they suck. So bad. It’s time to stop this game and hit restart. Because with the exception of the 30th Anniversary Freddy, I haven’t seen any new or unique horror figures. And that was a damn impressive figure. That’s what I want to see more of. New sculpts, new ideas, new ways to get horror figures or any figures out there. But the more throwbacks and retro ideas we get, the less chance we’ll get those.

Nostalgia is fun to visit, but not a fun place to stay. If I never saw another throwback, I’d be happy. I’m kinda sick of it. And this Predator 2 figure kinda shows the laziness that nostalgia can put us in.

2 thoughts on “Predator To Receive The NECA Video Game Figure Treatment. Do You Even Care?

  1. i kinda agree with you on this. But it’s nothing new with NECA as I’m a massive freddy fan and have over a dozen of them lined up on my shelf and the only difference in the sculpts is one of the hands and the head. The legs and upper torso and hand without the glove are the same. So when you look at a bunch of them side by side it’s a little annoying as you have to get up close to notice they’re different figures. And on a side note NECA should go back to the awesome diorama style bases that used to come with they’re figures in the begining

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