QUICKIEI had to watch Gnome Alone after sitting through and enjoying the new American Guinea Pig movie. It was the only DVD on my shelf that seemed like it could “make up” for the dirtiness I felt inside after watching two young ladies dismembered for an hour. Gnome Alone is a clever title, stars Verne Troyer (Mini Me) and is pretty much a classic kill em all picture. Of course a cursed gnome does make a great protagonist and one might even assert this picture is what the new Leprechaun Origins could have been. That’s not to say that Gnome Alone is a good movie, but it certainly has some fun kills. Perhaps the best thing to do is recognize that you are watching a movie called Gnome Alone. That should set your expectation.

Just remember… once your in the strip club, you have about  10 minutes of boobs and clever kills to enjoy. It’ll take you awhile to get there, but I think it’s worth it. The effects aren’t good. The gnome looks like shit, but maybe that’s part of the humorous charm. It is intentionally funny but definitely not scary, and it was actually just what I needed after an overly serious splatter gore mind fuck like AGP.


From Lionsgate:

When timid college student Zoe witnesses a hit-and-run, the dying victim gives her a strange amulet. Suddenly, all those who have offended Zoe in her life begin dying horrible deaths at the hands of a malicious gnome (Troyer). When Zoe discovers the horrible history behind the amulet, will she be able to harness its magical power before the gnome begins killing those closest to her?



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