Raiders of the Lost Shark Review

Do you like a little silly with your low budget giant killer animal movie? Boy do I have one for you. Raiders of the Lost Shark is every bit as ridiculous as that title suggests, but it’s the right kind of ridiculous for a select few of us who are able to just take it for what it is and have fun with it. This is the kind of flick that you put on at 1 in the morning after you’ve had a few drinks, preferably surrounded by friends. I laughed nearly from start to finish.

The plot is as simple Read the Sexy

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One thought on “Raiders of the Lost Shark Review

  1. I love these kind of low/no budget movies but this one is just plain awful. The good movies of this type are funny and use their bad effects and acting to make us laugh and keep us interested, this is just incredibly boring, drawn out and repetitive to get to the 60 minutes run time (plus about 15 minutes for credits). Also it is never funny or fun, just plain bad and a waste of time. Was never interested and never cared about any of these poorly performed characters. I think the main problem is the other movies are cheap but have good writing, this seems to be about a five minute story (which is awful) then tons of padding and improvised dialogue just to stretch it out. Shame on everyone involved.

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