Thoughts on Kung Fury (Laser Unicorns Short) – A Window to the 80’s Awesome You NEED


Today marked the premiere of a short, crowdfunded movie from Sweden, Kung Fury. The trailers, leaked scenes and word from Cannes have suggested that Kung Fury has the right retro cool stuff without pandering to its audience to create instant, viral fan sensation. Combine that with the power of the internet; Kung Fury is free to view online with an HD download purchase available at a modest sum if you want to support indie filmmakers at their finest. The great internet hype machine has been ignited. The worldwide web is set as a major player in the distro model of an action packed, gonzo short film and the big question on everyone’s mind is… do I really need to watch the damn movie or can I just stick with the Hasselhoff joke and be done with the latest in internet fad?

You have to watch it…

I implore you to watch it, and I encourage you still further to dish out a few bucks whether it be for merchandise or HD download to support filmmakers who have created what promises to be an online action movie sensation that is as gonzo as it is nostalgia as it is exploitation, 80’s Cannon Video esque rad.

First let’s dispense with what we know so far from the good folks at Kung Fury:

KUNG FURY is an over-the-top action comedy written and directed by David Sandberg. The movie features: arcade-robots, dinosaurs, Nazis, vikings, Norse gods, mutants and a super kung fu-cop called Kung Fury, all wrapped up in an 80s style action packed adventure.

Kung Fury takes place in a variety of exotic locations; 1980s Miami, Asgard and Germany in the 1940s, to name a few. With a limited budget to work with, we had to solve this by shooting most of the scenes against a greenscreen backdrop.

Kung Fury was funded mainly through a Kickstarter campaign, where people from all around the world showed their support for this crazy project. David worked on the film for a more than a year with almost no budget but a strong vision, with the help of friends and family. Most of the film has already been shot, but additional filming and lots of visual effects remain to be done.

The film will be around 30 minutes long and released for free on the internet.


Let’s go through that a piece at a time. When they say over-the-top they mean that Kung Fury is full of crazy, non sequitur surprises that bounce from one chaotic trope to piece of classic video game to gore mongering kills to giant monsterific birds and dinos and robots and Nazis in gas masks… and the Power Glove even shows up (and it sort of works!). Hot cars. Sexy. Ryu-esque leading man with a band of knock-off Avengers type super squadron of crime fighters. You like hot viking women and Norse gods that are offering you tickets to the proverbial gun show? Get your tickets ready. Instead of a review of the short it almost begs that you simply list out the pieces of cool that you can catch with your eyes as if you were trying to solve a Where’s Waldo search-image book. In fact another way you might consider watching this film is with the video off. Ignore the awesome imagery and simply pay attention to one-liner after quoteable piece of dialogue after comedic voice over. If you do decide to watch both the audio and video at the same time, note the classic dubbing mimicking our favorite Shaw Bros movies. Notice the scale and scope of the picture stretching through time and space and history; Hell the damn thing even goes form life action to animated feature. The soundtrack is synth-tastic, retro cool and available and red vinyl.

The Kickstart for Kung Fury made over three times it’s goal, raking in $630,000 bucks and making quite a few fans happy with some powerhouse perks (and we all wish we had contributed now because we didn’t and feel horrible). This is the first effort from David Sandberg,writing, directing, producing and acting in the movie. Folks, this man understands how to use a green screen, and if you are one of those people who dismisses CG action pictures (as I typically do) when they contain too much in the way of computer generated non-sense, this is the movie that will change your mind. It’s just over 30 minutes long and they use every single second of it to wow you.

Kung Fury doesn’t have star power. It has creative graphic design, animation and computer generated bits and pieces of what-the-fuck.  Oh, did we mention it’s free (just wanted to make sure you caught that part again so you can plan your Friday night accordingly).  Let me say that again… Free. Free. Free. Free… free. But make sure to make some kind donation. You love the 80’s for the right reasons? You will love Kung Fury for those same reasons.

A movie like this will have its detractors. It may be too over-the-top for some folks or maybe feel completely “un-vintage” with updated, un-period effects and the greenest of green screens you can imagine. I encourage those viewers to take more cocaine, listen to more Twisted Sisters and stop huffing the Aquanet. It’s 30 minutes. Give it that much of your time and if you still don’t enjoy it, go buy the Firebird with the T tops, Your mid-life crisis with thank you later.

So watch the movie legally, for free here:

Or you can simply download the movie, making a contribution to the artists behind this piece of genius here and help be a part of something big even though you missed the Kickstarter (because again.. we did):



Make sure you check out their shop where you can pick up baseball tees, vinyl, a David Hasselhoff 7 inch single and bundled goodies to show your support and let your friends know just how out-in-front of this thing you are.


Also follow Laser Unicorns (the group behind this big, bad mama jama). Check out their Kickstart project so you can catch up on the cool:

Also… and I strongly encourage you to do this. Check out the David Hasselhoff single “True Survivor”. Consider your mood… better.


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