Videogram Joins Cineploit

10462930_579954162121310_8352193015048582995_nAs many of you may know Magnus Sellergren is a great friend of mine that I only met this year. As we got to know each other, he offered to create some music for Italian Horror Week on DOCTERROR.COM. He didn’t just create a song or two. He created an album and a brand new music project called Videogram that, along with his project Call Me Greenhorn, has created  music that is genuinely an homage to the music of 70’s and 80’s horror and cult cinema.

The news today is the Videogram has taken the next step. They are partnering with Cineploit, a label that releases genre inspired music with a strong focus on Italian Horror scores of yesteryear.  We wish Magnus and Videogram the best of luck and will make sure to announce any media releases. From full length digital album to 7 inch single release on lathe cut vinyl and now this… Videogram is a project to watch!

Follow along here:

Release from Cineploit:

From Magnus:

“After an amazing six months of support from the international horror community, I am very excited about Videogram joining Cineploit and its fine roster of artists. I am super positive about this and can’t wait to take the project to the next level!”

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