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Vinegar Syndrome has been one of the greatest thing to happen to cult, horror and adult cinema in the last couple of years offering exquisite Blu-ray packaging, double features that will make you squirm in your tightie whities and restorations comparable only to the likes of Criterion. They’ve probably saved more marriages than MDMA and sent tissue stock sky high (how many boxes did you use during Pretty Peaches… eh guys and gals?). They’ve given us so much, and with 2015 promising Last House on Dead End Street as well as other classic horror and adult titles, it’s time we gave back.

Vinegar Syndrome wants to offer you a subscription service that includes more than just their previously announced Skinaflix and to offset the cost, they want you to help out. We are talking 200 plus titles of juicy goodness. Before I hear you say, “not another crowdfunded project”, check out the perks. Membership periods, limited movies… VS catalog titles for free.  Don’t just pass this one by.

Full release from Vinegar Syndrome below.

Announcing: Indiegogo Campaign for Web Version
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We’re Proud to Announce our Indiegogo Campaign for!

For much of the past year, we’ve been promoting a streaming site with the name Skinaflix. In the early development stage, it was decided that as wonderful as the Skinaflix concept was, it seemed a mistake to limit it only to sexploitation. With that in mind, we have revamped the concept into, a more diverse streaming service with the inclusion of ALL genres distributed by Vinegar Syndrome and our new label, Etiquette Pictures.

Launching with over 200 titles presented in HD, promises to be a streaming powerhouse for all things exploitation and sleaze, from G rated to full hardcore. Including informative blogs, exclusive titles, and special discounts on DVDs and Blu-rays.

To help speed up the development process and add features such as Roku, iOS and Android apps, we’re launching an Indiegogo campaign. If our goal is met, the site will go live on May 1st. Much of the legwork has already been done, but with a successful campaign, the process could be sped up exponentially. Please give what you can, and if not please promote the campaign and spread the word in any way possible.

For more information and to view the Indiegogo campaign, visit:

Thanks from Team VS!

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