Watch Over An Hour Of Mad Max Gameplay Footage


As soon as it was announced, I became high intrigued by the concept of an open world Mad Max games, that claims to combine open world third person action, with highly detailed vehicular combat, customizable vehicles, and the ability to scavenge for supplies, weapons, and pieces of scrap that can be added to the car for extra armor, and in some cases weapons for the car itself. It honestly sounds a little too good to be true, and I’m still not over the fear that there will be some kind of game-breaking flaw that causes this one to flop with fans of similar games such as Grand Theft Auto V. We’ve seen a couple of short teaser trailers, and some brief gameplay footage from various gaming conventions, but today I found a video on youtube which features over an hour of gameplay footage, and so far, things are looking good. This game seems to combine the openness of a GTA game, with combat system highly resembling that of the Arkham games, which could be a powerful combination.

I love the idea of vehicular warfare, but having the ability to go into a camp of survivors, and either save them from attackers, or beat their asses and take what they have for your own purposes only sweetens the deal. I still have questions, such as, will this game have online multiplayer, and if so, will it be focused more heavily on the driving parts of the game, or will we have an open world desert lobby similar to Free Play in GTAV? I’ll find out soon, as I have the game pre-ordered and am highly anticipating the survival. Check out the footage below, but be warned, it is a long video, clocking in at just under an hour and twenty three minutes. Mad Max is a game created by Avalanche Studios, and distributed by Warner Bros. Games. The game will be released on 9/1/15 for PS4 and Xbox One, and later on PC. Pre-order your copy right here.


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