Watch This Trailer For Rowdy Roddy Piper’s Final Film – Portal To Hell



After some more digging, I have learned that this short film was part of a program that would produce shorts in order to get financing for the feature-length version of the film. There is a script for the feature film in the works, but if the filmmakers decide to move forward, obviously they’ll have to do it without Piper. 

Other than mourning, most of what has happened since Roddy Piper’s passing has been internet drama. A scumbag has been selling forged Roddy Piper autographs, and instead of coming clean, has opted to throw a kicky stompy fit and attack anything but his own scummy actions. In a bit of positive Piper news, the trailer for his final film, Portal To Hell, has appeared on the movie’s official YouTube page. The trailer doesn’t show much, but from what I can tell, Piper’s character finds a literal portal. Whether or not it leads to Hell remains to be seen, but the short film will make it’s world debut at the Toronto International Film Festival, which runs from September 10th, until September 20th. Peep the trailer below, and be on the lookout for more information as it becomes available.


Synopsis from the TIFF website:

The apartment-superintendent hero of this primo slice of Canuxploitation has enough on his plate, what with all the plumbing and electrical problems and high-maintenance tenants. But then some jerks open up a multidimensional gateway in the basement. Thankfully, the guy standing between humanity and its certain destruction is played by the late, great “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

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