Waxwork Records To Release Evil Dead 2 – Fans Will Decide Its Design


If you know me personally, then you know that I haven’t jumped into the vinyl collecting wormhole, at least not yet. I am quite fascinated with the attention to detail some of these boutique labels are putting into their product, though. James, my partner in crime here at HorrorSexy, and the proprietor of DocTerror has developed somewhat of an obsession with the hobby. Since he’s on vacation, I have taken it upon myself to inform you of a very cool upcoming release, from Waxwork Records. The label is set to release the score of Evil Dead 2, and they are giving fans an opportunity to vote on its final design. In their tweet below, is a link for further information. This should be an exciting release for fans of the franchise, fans of vinyl, and fans of Waxwork Records.



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