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Kate DavisKate Davis, otherwise known as Kate Dangerously, was on my radar a couple years ago after reading some articles of hers on Forces of Geek. After following her writing for a  while, I was excited to see her enter into the world of making art, and not just that, but making some killer pieces! We recently chatted and we got the low down on living Dangerously!
I first heard of you from your writing on Forces of Geek and HorrorHound. What prompted the leap into art?
I began painting at a really young age. It was actually the writing that came later! My mom is an artist, so I had an in-home art teacher from the get go. Then in high school, I was lucky enough to have an art professor, Laura Milas, who pushed me to try different styles and techniques. It was even her idea to enter me in competitions. That really blew me way because I had never had my art shown on a wide scale before. I ended up winning a couple art shows and statewide competitions because of it. I did write a lot when I was younger, but really kicked it into high gear the past couple years.
Black Lodge CooperWhile some artists dabble in the traditional mediums, and others are moving digital, which do you prefer?
I’m definitely old fashioned. I paint in acrylics and then only tweak color levels on my Mac. I know there are a lot of artists out there, some of who are doing very well, that focus on Photoshop as their preferred technique. Power to those who can make a living out of it! But for me, I revel most in putting brush to canvas.
Who are some of your biggest artistic influences?

I have three. The first is Caravaggio, an oil painter from the late 1500s / early 1600s. He excelled in chiaroscuro which is a style of painting where you have really contrasting brights and darks. He was an amazing individual, too. He was rebellious and a total hot head. He even supposedly killed a guy over a tennis match. He was exiled for that and then after trying to reenter Rome, he was attacked by knights and died of fever on a beach from his injuries. I don’t think I know anyone more intense than him. His chiaroscuro style is something I use in almost all of my paintings.

The next is Mel Ramos, a pop artist, who uses really electric colors in his work. I absolutely love it and his use of color had a huge impact on my painting style. The third is Basil Gogos, who is, of course, another master of color.
Rosemary's BabyWhat are some of your fave movies?
Always a tough question!! The ones that come to mind immediately are Return of the Living Dead, Rosemary’s Baby, Robocop, Heathers, Serial Mom, and Shivers. I definitely like my horror with a big, fat side of kitsch.

From your page and some of your art, I can see that you are a huge fan of MST3K. Any particular episodes that newbies should check out?

Oh, my, yes.
From the Mike era:
FINAL SACRIFICE- Chronicles the story of a Canadian duo, consisting of an alcoholic man and his gawky teenager cohort, who try to take down an evil cult.

Ladies of David LynchMERLIN’S SHOP OF MYSTICAL WONDER – Two movies from two different decades are mashed together and played off like it’s on purpose… while Ernest Borgnine narrates.

From the Joel era:
POD PEOPLE- A pop band gets stuck in the woods with a vaguely foreign family as they try to fend off ugly, stupid alien creatures.
MITCHELL- Pretty much just Joe Don Baker grunting his way through police work.
Anything exciting in the pipeline for us to look out for, both art or writing wise?
Kate Davis T-shirtsI’ll have at least two more t-shirt and poster designs out before the end of summer! I’m ultra excited about that. I’ve also got a really fun piece coming out in the next issue of Horrorhound Magazine about international Jaws rip-offs. Probably my favorite piece I’ve ever researched or written.
Where can fans go to purchase your work?

Bitches LeaveAre you available for private commissions?

Sure, just shoot an email to or through my Facebook fan page!

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