grave rubbingsContributors to Issue #1

Thanks to Mitch “The Dish” Reeves for this stunning examination and collection of upcoming comic Horror that’s hitting newsstands shortly. Visit him at the Batcave where there are many Tales.

Much Gratitude to “Air” Jordan Garren for providing us with the February and March Blu-ray releases worth perusing as well as a look into that maybe, could be, should be or may have been. Find him slammed up in a Vault of his own design.

Also much thanks to Mike Waison for discussing the upcoming revival of Gore Shriek. Monster kids owe him a debt of their own innards.

If you’d like to consider contributing a piece to HorrorSexy for an upcoming issue please drop us a line, maybe tell us a brief bit about what you love about Horror, where we may have seen your work and what physical media subject you’d like to explore:

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