parliamo giallo

Ciao cari lettori, if you remember well last week I told you about an amazing set of Lucio Fulci cards, this week let me continue with merchandise and talk about two interesting DVD / Blu-Ray releases.


First one is Dario Argento’s Opera, a special uncut edition by Koch Media. This distribution company has recently said that they are really happy with the final result of the edition of the movie and that it will be soon released on Blu-Ray in Germany.


Second one is Umberto Lenzi’s Spamo Blu-Ray: AVC encoded image (2.35:1 aspect ratio), Audio tracks English and Italian, Subtitles in ENglish are included and the sound is  2.0 DTS-HD MA. It includes as extras: Interview (13:13, SD) with director Umberto Lenzi and a Theatrical Trailer (3:13, HD). It was released on July 7 in US.

Thanks for reading, ci vediamo la settimana prossima!

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