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LUCIO FULCI. AUTOPSIA DE UN CINEASTA is a book by Javier Pueyo that has just been published. So far it is only Spanish friendly but let’s hope it soon can have a translation as it is an essential work for any Italian cinema lover. This new book is about one of the masters of Italian cinema: Lucio Fulci and it is an approach to all his cinema not only horror. As Mr. Pueyo has told us apart from reviews his whole cinema work the book includes really interesting interviews to people who were close to him.

Javier Pueyo is an cinema expert whose name may be familiar to Spanish Horror fans he directed the short film DIARIO ÍNTIMO DE UNA ACTRIZ about Montserrat Proust, Jess Franco’s muse. I had the chance to talk to him about this amazing new book and here you have what he told me.



 Why a book on Lucio Fulci?

Lucio Fulci is one of my favorites filmmakers. He is usually  known by his horror movies, but he directed different kinds of films, like comedy or western. I think it was very interesting to research all his movies and reviewing his filmography since the begining.

What does Lucio Fulci mean for Italian and European cinema?

He was a brilliant director. His zombie-movies were very important, and they started an exploitation that continues today.

But not only his zombie-movies were important, for example, he directed brilliant spaghetti westerns like L QUATTRO DELL´APOCALISSE and excellent gialli like UNA SULL´ALTRA. On the other hand, Fulci started a new sub-genre in Italy with his movie I RAGAZZI DEL JUKE-BOX, a comedy with rock music.

What’s new on it that we cannot find in others?

I haven’t read all books about Fulci, but I can say that in my book the reader can find Fulci’s complete filmography (with reviews of all his films) and a chapter with interviews to people who worked for him: Giovanni Lombardo Radice (actor in PAURA NELLA CITTÀ DEI MORTI VIVENTI), Beatrice Ring (actress in ZOMBIE 3), Carlo Maria Cordio (soundtrack composer in AENIGMA OR QUANDO ALICE RUPPE LO SPECHIO), Biagio Proietti (writer of GATTO NERO), Ludovica Marineo (writer of IL MIELE DEL DIAVOLO), Nino Celeste (cinematography director in LA CASA NEL TEMPO and LA DOLCE CASA DEGLI ORRORI) or Roberto Sbarigia (production department in films like ZANNA BIANCA or IL QUATTRO DELL´APOCALISSE).

 When will it be published?

In September 2015. And now, in October, we start the presentations at several film festivals, like SITGES-Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya (the event includes the screening of IL MIELE DEL DIAVOLO and the presence of the actor Bernard Seray, one of the film starts) or Suspiria Fest (Alicante).

Any possibility of finding it in English sometime?

Not at the moment. First we must check sales in Spain. But the final decision is taken by the publishers: Tyrannosaurus Books.

What is your Lucio Fulci Top 3 and why?

It´s a very difficult question, but maybe:

– NON SI SEVIZIA UN PAPERINO. It´s 100% Fulci, a very interesting mix: giallo, erotic movie, critique of Catholicism, a brilliant score by Riz Ortolani, a great cast…. Maybe it is his masterpiece.

– SETTE NOTE IN NERO. It is a love poem to Poe, and it is a very important movie in his career because with “Sette note…” Fulci’s horror-filmography starts. Also, it is a beautiful flick with an excellent direction of cinematography by Sergio D´Offizi.

  • LUCA IL CONTRABBANDIERE. I love the italian poliziottesco movies, and I think Fulci made a perfect contribution with “Luca”. It is very violent, but it also has an excellent plot, and Fabio Testi is perfect on screen.

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