parliamo giallo

Ciao cari lettori!  Previously  in  PARLIAMO GIALLO we leant  a little about psychoanalysis in giallo and how to express it in Italian. Today we continue with it.

It is a truth universally acknowledge that gialli are full of Lacan and Freud interpretations and theories and here we continue with some of them.


Fetishism – feticismo defined by as the compulsive use of some object, or part of the body, as a stimulus in the course of attaining sexual gratification, as a shoe, a lock of hair, or underclothes.  Dario Agento cannot deny he is obsessed with red color, if you want an example just watch Suspiria or Deep Red again. Another example of this could be the excessive use of black gloves made by all Giallo murders, like if it was a kind of ritual the psycho killer must follow.


Scocophilia aka sexual pleasure obtained by looking at nude bodies, erotic photographs, etc. is always in gialli.  Most murderers seem to be obsessed with naked women and love seeing them having sexual relationships with other men or women. Dario Argento goes one step beyond in Opera when he made the girl be forced to watch the murder torturing.


Try not to suffer any of these but practice them in your ordinary conversations. Ci vediamo la settimana scorsa!

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