parliamo giallo

Ciao cari lettori!  Previously  in  PARLIAMO GIALLO we leant  a little about psychoanalysis in giallo and how to express it in Italian. Today we continue with it.

It is a truth universally acknowledge that gialli are full of Lacan and Freud interpretations and theories and here I am finishing this series talking about phallocentric giallo related elements.

Phallogocentrism was defined by Jacques Derrida -Yes, I am becoming a little bit of hipster- as the privileging of the masculine (phallus) in the construction of meaning. So to speak everything seems to be related to or reflect a perspective that is predominantly or exclusively male. Everything is gialli has been said to be male: women are tortured, raped, murdered… the weapons used –knifes, sticks, spikes, bats- have the shape of the male organ, and women seem to be so weak…

Do not miss the following video of best giallo killings as the perfect example of this.

Try not to suffer any of these but practice them in your ordinary conversations. Ci vediamo la settimana scorsa!

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