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Dear lettori, welcome again to PARLIAMO GIALLO. This week we are learning about the different names of killing in Italian language.

If you remember, killing or murdering is said uccidere, but there are different ways of doing it.

In case we are talking about assassination we must say attaco pubblico, not very typical of giallo but I am sure there must be any example out of there.

Massacro is a kind of butchery or slaughter as in the case of Bava’s A BAY OF BLOOD.


In Aldo Lado’s CHI L’HA  VISTA MORIRE we are dealing with infanticide or as Italians say: infanticidio. If you kill your father is a patricidio, if you kill your mother is  a matricida, if you kill both is a parricidio and if you kill your brother, fratello, or your sister, suorella, is a fraticidio.


You can hit your victim, let’s say colpire someone. For example: Ha colpito la ragazza nella testa con un pugno (He hit the girl on the head with hit fist)

For more information about how to use the verb colpire click here.

L’assessino can also make use of the decapitation technique: decapitazione or dismemberment: smembramento.

 846-Bay of Blood

The victim can also be strangled: stronzzare or strangolare or even they can hang them: impiccare.


Do not forget to practice these words, only the words please. Do not put in practice any of these techniques!

 Ci vediamo la settiamana prossima!

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