Assault on Precinct 13: A White Hot Soundtrack of Bass


I wanted to share some brief notes with you about an oldie but a goodie. Death Waltz released the Assault on Precinct 13 soundtrack to vinyl in 2013. I had picked it up shortly thereafter, but I kept it saved for the proper moment. I consider records like wine collectors must collect wine. I store them. I keep them safe and dry and covered until I’m ready to enjoy. Where a wine collector may wait for some chemical reaction to happen to their bottle, I wait for the moment. I wait for a feeling in my gut that says it’s time to crack this one open. Sometimes it’s immediately upon opening, but I let Assault get better with age and anticipation on my shelf. So today I’ll share my listening experience.

Opening records can be tricky. Sometimes the simple act of perforating the plastic cellophane cover is like de-virginizing a future saint… that is of course unless there’s a gatefold cover and beautiful artwork inside waiting to be peeked upon. In this case, the
Assault record has beautiful black and white stills from the movie inside. The outside is updated artwork with slight embossing and textural appeal that seems to make your fingertips dancing over the cover. I love how contrasty this cover is. Jay Shaw has harnessed the essence of the movie while providing a nice update to classic Carpenter. I love how tactile this release is. The record itself is 180 grams, it’s creamy beautiful on both sides with appropriate logo sticker.

This release is to be played at 45rpm’s which means the quality is usually a bit better for a 12 inch release. It definitely sounds superb with deep synth base notes preparing you for the upcoming siege of your day and a light crescendo of high pitched Carpenter squeal touching off your ears like a warning siren telling your endocrine system to get up, jump up, look alert. It’s only one vinyl which is completely appropriate for the length of the soundtrack.

This is a John Carpenter soundtrack and not the 2005 remake music. That means you know what to expect. Synth through and through with dark, minor keys, bombastic bass notes and a light melody that sells the drama and the action. It’s simple. It’s perfect. It has great ear-feel.

Now the bonus of this being a Death Waltz release is the inclusion of and 8 page booklet as well as a white hot night of bad ass poster. I didn’t realize that both were included and now I need to find more wall space (or just find wall space in general).

Definitely seek this puppy out. It’s rich for feel to visual to auditory bliss. Fans of the soundtrack already know why they need it… to save the day of course. Tell em Napoleon sent you and save the two shots for the assholes that come through the vent.

Here’s the link to the Mondo/Death Waltz original posting where you can get the specs (ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 LP). I would note that it is sold out and can only be purchased at an alternative shop. You’re looking at $40 to $60 on Ebay, but as is typical the case, you can find better deals on Discogs.

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