The Boogeyman: The Supernatural Sexy Slasher LP


Like a great green glob of green slime from the titular movie of the same name with a giant black stain in the middle (is it blood? Is it pure sin?) comes the 1980 original motion picture soundtrack to the Ulli Lommel classic, The Boogeyman. Oh it is a joy to listen to, to look upon and to rifle through. The release we are discussing today is the One Way Static vinyl from 2015. We also so a UK release of The Boogeyman on vinyl from Terror Records in 2014,limited edition clear vinyl 180 grams. The two editions differ in weight, cover art, but not in content.

Perhaps the A Side of this release gives the best picture of the soundtrack with which you are familiar. You’ll notice the theme both played in variations as well as popular interludes through the movie. This side ends with the most violent of the themes. This is perfect progressive synth with square waves cutting you from ear to ear and a delicate melody dancing you to your death along an intentionally Carpenter esque bass bottom. Enjoy the sound of reverse synth and what almost would sound like backmasking if there was any lyrical content. Side B on the other hand is atmospheric, filled with soft Gothic organ dirges that are the thing of pure haunted house music. This is balanced with soft, almost romantic music that gives the impression that the ghosties are gone. It’s that triumphant song that makes you wait for the “no, it’s not” moment.

BOOGEY_MAN__THE_-_OWS__2_I think of The Boogeyman is part slasher movie and part haunted house movie. I do not think of it as exclusively a slasher film and find it difficult to forget just how spooky some of the mirror sequences can be with strange, near seizure inducing flashing and dark forces on the other side. Yes, it was a Video Nasty which makes this picture ultimately more appealing, but I can safely say that it is also a genuinely creepy film, low budget but filled with supernatural elements that remind me of The Entity that would come several years later in a sexually violent fury.

This record is a good representation of the music and sounds great. It may not be 180 grams, but what it lacks in girth it makes up with in pure beauty. This colored vinyl is appropriately eerie. The inside gatefold is a gory sexual mess that must be seen to be believed. Definitely be careful of who’s looking on behind you. I opened this one at work and was surprised to find the blood and the boob on the inside. Silver Ferox creates eye-fucking displays on all their covers and posters, this being no exception.

This is one of my favorite soundtracks to write to alongside Deadly Spawn.

You can order The Boogeyman from Light in the Attic or One Way Static depending on your continent though it has been noted that the color vinyl is sold out. It’s limited to 1000 copies and includes a CD-RECORD to be played on your turntable. You can also find it on cassette, limited to 300, if that’s your thing.

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