Untitled-3HorrorSexy Contributors come from all walks of life but share two things. They love to write, and they adore horror, some writing for their own sites, horror periodicals or freelance. Take the time to visit their individual sites and get to know them better here. HorrorSexy came about to create a sense of community and nothing more exemplifies that than the coming together of our cohorts in crime to watch it grow.

We will be updating this page as our family grows.


413547_10151304810715874_1457255283_oShawn Savage

The Liberal Dead

Shawn Savage is the founder of as well as the Co-Founder and Editor of HorrorSexy. He has written for Bloody-Disgusting,, Horrorbid, Hydro Life magazine, and more. Shawn is one of the Co-Hosts of the Dead Air Podcast. Though he has a predilection towards horror, Shawn is an addict of the motion picture in general, as well as comic books, video games, news media and television.

10581770_10204530011114091_1471599734_nJimmy Terror


Writing Your Eyes Shut into the Pre-History and Post-Apocalypse of Horror, Jimmy Terror aka James Harris is a Co-Founder and Editor for HorrorSexy. Since founding DOCTERROR.COM (originally Dr. Terror’s Blog of Horrors) in 2010, writes reviews, creates faux 8 Bit horror games and movie concepts as well as helps to promote the good in horror and adult cinema. He dislikes Siskel and Ebert, loves Metal and is a fierce collector of horror media.


10485199_10152568532999579_1550241652_nRyne Barber

The Moon is A Dead World

Ryne Barber writes primarily for his own horror blog,, but he also does ’80s horror movie reviews for His love of horror started as a child, amid the vast rows of horror VHS boxes at his father’s video store. An overwhelming passion for coffee and beer keeps him fueled.


1935580_1142379771332_947203_nMitch Reeves

Tales from the Batcave

Mitch goes by the internet moniker Mister Bones. He’s a simple minded fellow, who loves comic books, horror movies, hockey, and video games. He can be found writing about such as that, and all manner of other meaningless topics over at his blog, Tales From the Batcave


10815935_367974686707920_741206410_nKevin Lovell


Kevin primarily writes for and operates his own site in addition to contributing on as well as a few other projects from time to time. His love for movies and television of all genres is bordering on obsessive, with a prominent love for horror and cartoons. You can usually find him enclosed in his home theater with the rest of the world going mostly unnoticed.


10818861_10205558833311566_595852775_nElena Anele

Spanish Fear

Elena Anele is the woman in charge of SPANISHFEAR.COM (, Horror Rises from Spain ( and Un Fan de Paul Naschy ( ). A literature and cinema researcher, finishing her postgraduate studies with a thesis about the mystic filmmaker José Val del Omar. She has published in different media and books as Fangoria or Hidden Horror. She has also been in charge of several translations including Javier Trujillo’s complete works, La Mano Film Fest, The Man who Saw Frankenstein Cry and many more.


10822730_10152394929686637_1273237962_nChris Beaumont

Critical Outcast

Chris has been running since its inception more than 10 years ago. During this time he has also contributed to a variety of sites, including,,, and He keeps one foot squarely in the mainstream and the other in the obscure. Chris consumes pretty much whatever movies he can get his hands on, covering more than genre fare, although it is easy to see where his heart lies. Horror has become something of an obsession for this writer, who aspires to write his own 70’s Italian horror inspired screenplay. Aside from movies, he is also a big metal fan and loves the New York Mets.


steve_nephewSteve Rampton

Contributing Artist

Steve has been drawing and creating artwork since the age of four and have been a (mostly freelance) professional graphic designer since 2000. He has served clients including world class museums (The Getty Center, LA), indie and mainstream rock bands (Trapt), and small and large businesses in fields like transportation, manufacturing, publishing, and apparel. He is also a painter and illustrator, though for the last ten years I’ve been focusing more on illustration and digital art rather than traditional painting. He has earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Mason Gross School of the Arts atRutgers University. Steve is experienced in print, web, and corporate identity design. He also have a little bit of experience in video editing and apparel design. My first love, however, is illustration and he has been steadily working to turn that passion into a career

422026_2771482731081_852413766_nJordan Garren

B-Movie Film Vault

Jordan has been sharing his love for Horror, Cult, Exploitation, and B-movies with the world since June of 2000. A sucker for 80s slasher films, rubber monster movies, and Roger Corman flicks, he has written extensively about b-cinema at The Vault, and formerly at Rogue Cinema, a webzine he helped found in 2004. Be sure to check out his podcast, THE VAULT-CAST over on Youtube, and follow him on social media at Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Letterboxd.